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Stop wasting hours tracking important dates, shopping online, and coordinating gifts every month with automated gifting done for you.

Automated gifting
Monthly celebration reminders
Company branding & swag
Roster management
Custom cards
CSV import
Invoice tracking

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jump in job hunting around birthdays and work anniversaries

in 3

employees feel undervalued


wasted per month coordinating gifts for a team of 20

Old School Employee Recognition Falls Flat With Today’s Remote Workforce

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“Three words when I think of Caroo: healthy, tasty, and affordable!”

“Caroo is a fantastic recruiting and retention tool, and overall it just makes people really happy.”

“Caroo has been something that our employees say has made such a huge difference.”

“It’s a no-brainer. My team turns into little kids when the box arrives!”

Employee gifts that everyone raves about!

Send thoughtful gifts, fun team-building activities, and delicious snacks to your team's doorsteps with America’s #1 employee gifting service.

Employee gifts that everyone raves about!

One-of-a-kind gifts as low as $16 that make it easy to recognize employees while giving back to charities.

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Get up to a $200 Amazon Gift Card 
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20+ Million Meals Donated

For every Caroo gift delivered, we donate meals to Feeding America on your behalf. Since 2015, we’ve donated 20+ million meals and counting!

Meaningful Gifts That Do a World of Good

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We’ve partnered with Pachama to offset carbon emissions on all domestic deliveries and support their efforts to protect 4.9M acres of forests.

5% Donated to Charities

Our Amplify Collection donates a portion of proceeds to rotating charities for social good.

Purpose-Driven Brands

We partner with conscious brands committed to giving back so your team can discover and support products they’re proud of.

Ready To Delight Your Team With Caroo?

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Let Your Recipients Choose

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Set your budget and let everyone choose their perfect gift from a variety of on-trend brands with Recipient Choice™.

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Design, store and send your company’s swag anytime.

Custom Swag

Personalized Gifts Everybody Raves About

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Browse our curations and customize them to create a gift that everyone will love.

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150 expertly curated, single-serve snacks your team is guaranteed to love.

Office Snacks

Treat anyone to lunch, coffee or a shopping spree at their favorite store.

Digital Gift Cards

Foster team spirit with meaningful and collaborative CareCards.


Branded cards, custom gift packaging, and build-their-own gifts with CustomSwaps.

Easy Personalization

Gifts instantly delivered for birthdays, anniversaries and onboarding, no work required.

Automatic Gifting

We’ll verify your recipients’ addresses so you don’t have to.

No Address Needed

Get 10% off all gifts, free personalization, free CareCards and more!

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