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20+ Million Meals Donated

For every Caroo gift delivered, we donate meals to Feeding America on your behalf. Since 2015, we’ve donated 20+ million meals and counting!

Meaningful Gifts That Do a World of Good

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We’ve partnered with Pachama to offset carbon emissions on all domestic deliveries and support their efforts to protect 4.9M acres of forests.

5% Donated to Charities

Our Amplify Collection donates a portion of proceeds to rotating charities for social good.

Purpose-Driven Brands

We partner with conscious brands committed to giving back so your team can discover and support products they’re proud of.

Recognize Your Clients

Build a thriving culture year round with customer and client recognition managed from one seamless platform.

Curated Gifts

Choose from an expertly-curated selection of today’s on-trend brands.

Digital Gift Cards

Treat anyone to lunch, coffee or a shopping spree at their favorite store.


Foster customer spirit with meaningful and collaborative CareCards.

Easy Personalization

Branded cards, custom gift packaging, and build-their-own gifts with CustomSwaps.

No Address Needed

We’ll verify your recipients’ addresses so you don’t have to.

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Let Your Recipients Choose

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Set your budget and let everyone choose their perfect gift from a variety of on-trend brands with Recipient Choice™.

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“Three words when I think of Caroo: healthy, tasty, and affordable!”

“Caroo is a fantastic recruiting and retention tool, and overall it just makes people really happy.”

“Caroo has been something that our employees say has made such a huge difference.”

“It’s a no-brainer. My team turns into little kids when the box arrives!”

Holiday Gifting That’s Easy and Budget-Friendly

Send thoughtful gifts, fun team-building activities, and delicious snacks to your team's doorsteps with America’s #1 employee gifting service.

Finally! Gifting That’s Easy and Budget-Friendly

Surprise and delight with budget-friendly and customizable gifts for customers and clients…

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