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“Three words when I think of Caroo: healthy, tasty, and affordable!”

“Caroo is a fantastic recruiting and retention tool, and overall it just makes people really happy.”

“Caroo has been something that our employees say has made such a huge difference.”

“It’s a no-brainer. My team turns into little kids when the box arrives!”

Send thoughtful gifts, fun team-building activities, and delicious snacks to your team's doorsteps with America’s #1 employee gifting service.

Your people deserve to feel appreciated
We're here to make it happen.

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Let's wipe out

corporate holiday gifts

that get thrown in the trash

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Let's wipe out corporate holiday gifts that get thrown in the trash

"In years past my company sent me champagne which seems great, but unfortunately, I'm sober 😬 This year I got to choose something I actually wanted and it felt really nice." - Lyra

Recipient Choice

They get to choose

You stay on budget

Everyone is happy as a quokka

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"No one ended up with socks. Well except Bob, but that's on
 him because he chose the socks." - Dave

We do the hard work

so you don't have to

- Collecting addresses

- Shipping and tracking

- Scouring the internet for cool stuff

people actually want

"Not a single employee sent me an email asking
'Where's my package, Tina?!'" - Tina

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Last minute gifter?

No worries, gift cards are

immediate delivery

(and you can even let employees choose)

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"As usual, my boss took forever approving a budget.
Caroo saved my bacon!" - Erin F

We care about making a


70%+ diverse-founded gifts 

Caroo is proudly woman founded

20M+ meals donated to Feeding America

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Caroo Corporate Holiday Gifting

Caroo Holiday Gifting

Your people deserve to feel appreciated
We're here to make it happen.

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